About us

A Different Approach

Over the years the SME market place has come to expect more from their accountants. Of course somebody has to deal with the accounts, the tax returns, VAT and PAYE (the necessary evils of business life), if they can’t be dealt with in house.

But it’s our experience that business owners want more. These days, with computers and software for every task, there is little value in just crunching numbers, and telling people what happened last year.

Our clients are more concerned with the future than with the past, and want us to be forward looking, not backward looking. They want proactive advice – to be told of any new tax development that affects them. They want help to grow their business, and we have the resources to do that, ranging from our monthly business club (free for your first visit) to business healthchecks and structured programmes to help you move forward.

They want real solutions to tax problems, something that we can provide through our network memberships.

What they don’t want is bills based on the time taken to do a job, or nasty surprises. We’re happy to agree a fixed price in advance of doing any work for you, and we’ll stick to that price provided that you keep the records to the standard that is agreed.

And they don’t want to be charged for every telephone call or email. Our fixed prices include unlimited telephone calls and emails to us about your business, so you need never worry that picking up the phone to ask a simple questing is going to get the meter ticking over. You’ll also find that we answer the telephone in a different way from many other firms – something that our clients and professional contacts like.

But we’re also the same as many other accountants in some ways. We provide all of the traditional compliance services, such as accounts, payroll, VAT, self assessment returns. As Chartered Accountants, we carry full professional indemnity insurance and are governed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

We are based in Cwmbran, but act for clients in Newport, Cardiff and all parts of the country.

Call us on 01633 877900 for a free meeting to discuss your plans and your needs.