Building profits – Changing the numbers

Are you happy with the level of profits? Do you feel that you are just too busy and not making the money that you deserve? We can help you identify which numbers are important to you, and then change them for the better. That’s usually profit but could be hours worked or holidays taken or years to retirement.

We’re not just here to “keep the score” but to help you with taking your business to the next level. We have a whole range of resources to help you with this, ranging from our popular monthly business building breakfast meetings to working with you on a monthly basis to boost sales, improve systems and put your whole business structure on a proper footing. Drawing on the work of leading business thinkers such as Michael Gerber and Peter Thomson we can help you look at your business in a new light. Don’t work IN your business. Work ON it!

This isn’t about cutting costs. Certainly costs have to be controlled, but nobody ever cut their way to a bigger business. It’s about increasing turnover, without becoming a “busy fool”, increasing profit, and increasing cash.

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