Most of us have read about the importance of planning, but all too often the pressures of keeping the business going on a daily basis mean that strategic planning is not given the attention it needs. The result is often rushed judgements, over or under-capacity, or missed opportunities.

Most of us would be a little uneasy on a long flight if the pilot had no destination, no charts and no flight plan. Yet running a business without a plan could be thought of the same thing. Entrepreneurs who take the time to create a written plan are proven to be more successful than those who don’t. We can help with this process, not because we know more about your business that you do, but by guiding you through the process. We don’t have the answers, but we have questions to help you find them.

The plan is not fixed; it has to be adaptable to changes in circumstances. You should review progress regularly and make changes, in much the same way that a pilot changes course during the flight, or even heads for another airport if conditions change.

Your business plan need not be a bulky document. Ask us how to fit your monthly plan on to a single page – all the figures you need every month available at a glance.

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